About Ron


During his psychology studies, he came across an article that left a lasting impression on him and became an inspiration for his art. This article discussed the difference in the amount of information people in the modern era process compared to people in earlier times. It pointed out that a modern individual processes more information in one day than a person from the middle ages did in their entire life, despite our brains remaining unchanged. This theme of information processing is evident in his paintings, which are filled with texts and images from various media.

His artworks contain information about accidents, war, genocide, sex, love, daily struggles, and all the subjects commonly found in media and literature. He randomly incorporates these topics into his paintings, with his focus during the process being on form, tone, and color. When necessary, he uses captivating images to intensify the work's impact.

"Originally, I never intended to paint on this scale." his aspirations were in martial arts, where he found satisfaction in physical exertion and combat. An unexpected turn in his life led him down a different path, and he began the battle with the canvas. Once he started painting, he couldn't stop. After extensive experimentation, study, drawing, and painting, he now dedicates himself to creating stimulating mixed media art.

His art pieces are a combination of acrylic paint and paper, including cutouts from newspapers, magazines, comics, and posters, giving each portrait a unique appearance. Constructing a portrait with paper snippets requires substantial effort. Finding the right tone and color among stacks of newspapers and magazines is an intensive search. Additionally, he constantly experiments with different combinations of paper and paint.

His fascination with the human form and the underlying elements also influence his artworks. His goal is to unveil the hidden beauty of each face and take the viewer on a journey of discovery. He's captivated by the unique characteristics of each individual, drawing inspiration from photos that serve as the basis for his portraits. Through a blend of colors, textures, and images, he creates layered artworks.

Applying resin or varnish as a finish gives his paintings a stunning gloss, depth variation, and a sense of durability.

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