An Interesting Exhibition and My Artistic Journey

An Interesting Exhibition and My Artistic Journey In the ever-changing art world, it's inspiring to witness my work gaining more recognition and appreciation. Recently, I had the opportunity to showcase my collection at an intriguing exhibition.
An Impressive Response It's always gratifying to see your artworks resonate with people, and this time, it happened remarkably fast. Within a matter of days, a whopping 80% of my pieces found new owners.

Embarking on Exploration

Over the past few years, I've ventured beyond my comfort zone, displaying my artworks in various locations. It's inspiring to observe a growing interest in my work, expanding its reach to a wider audience.

Seeking Depth

I'm constantly engaged in deepening my art, aiming for it to resonate with people on multiple levels. That's why I keep exploring new ways to infuse depth into my work. Each new material offers me an opportunity to establish a connection between my art and the viewer.

The Future Collection

Currently, I'm diligently working on my new collection. I aim to further develop my style and incorporate fresh perspectives into my work.
Till my next blog or exhibition.

Ron van Dam

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Ron van Dam

Portrait Artist

Collages and Mixed Media

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