Rediscovering Hidden Talent: A Personal Story

You know, I've been drawing for as long as I can remember. It was always so natural for me to capture the faces of the people around me. I never really realized that it was more than just a basic skill. It was only later that I recognized drawing as my passion, an innate talent that I continued to develop.

A Natural Skill Unveiled

Recently, my sister showed me an old drawing I had made of my father. It was strange to realize that something that came so naturally to me wasn't recognized by me as a passion. Sometimes, we don't pay enough attention to what we're naturally good at, or we forget it amidst the busyness of building a career in a different direction.

The Unexpected Resurgence of Passion

At an unexpected moment in my life, that passion resurfaced. As a psychologist, I had always been interested in the human psyche. In my portraits, both of my passions come together.

When Two Passions Converge

My story is an invitation to everyone to embrace their hidden talents and let them flourish. It can be a journey of self-discovery and personal growth. I'm grateful to have rediscovered my passion for painting and combine it with my interest in the human psyche. It has inspired me to create new works, constantly seeking new materials to add more depth to my art.
Embracing Hidden Talents: A Journey of Self-Discovery

Who knows what hidden treasures are still concealed within us, waiting to be discovered.

Till my next blog or exhibition.

Ron van Dam

Ron van Dam

Portrait Artist

Collages and Mixed Media

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