Unmasking Emotions: The Essence of My Creative Process

Hello, art enthusiasts! Today, I want to take you on a journey into the very first step of my artistic process - one that sets the tone for my entire mixed media portrait journey: selecting the perfect photo as the wellspring of inspiration.

The Hidden Stories Within Faces

For me, art is about capturing the hidden essence, the emotions that often lie beneath the surface of a face. It's about revealing the untold stories, the unspoken feelings that reside within the countenance. This process is not so much about searching as it is about discovery.

The Unique Language of Faces

Faces, as unique as fingerprints, have always fascinated me. Each one tells a story, holds a history, and conveys an array of emotions. What I find most captivating is the unspoken language they speak - a language of emotions, experiences, and untold tales.

The Journey Begins with a Photograph

When I embark on the journey of creating a mixed media portrait, the journey begins with selecting the right photograph. It's not just any picture; it's the one that resonates with me on an emotional level. It's the one where I see more than just a visage; I see a world of feelings and expressions waiting to be unveiled.

Finding Inspiration in Unexpected Places

Sometimes, these photos come from unexpected places—vintage magazines, personal collections, or chance encounters.

A Delicate Balance of Intuïtion

The selection process is not a rigid one. It's an intuitive journey, guided by my emotions and instincts. It's about recognizing that spark, that elusive quality that makes me pause and ponder. It's about finding the face that speaks to me and saying, "There's a story here.”

Decoding the Silent Language of Faces

As I immerse myself in the chosen image, I delve deeper into the unspoken emotions. I begin to decode the silent language of the face. Every wrinkle, every furrow, every gaze has a story to tell, and my mission is to bring those stories to life through my art.

Connecting Beyond the Visual

So, while it may seem like a simple task - selecting a photograph - it’s a vital and profound step in my creative process. It's the moment when I establish a connection with my subject, a connection that transcends the visual and ventures into the realm of emotions and storytelling.

Exploring the Journey Ahead

In my upcoming blogs, we'll explore more aspects of my creative journey, from the intricacies of mixed media techniques to the final unveiling of a portrait.

Best regards,
Ron van Dam

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